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I'm sittin' on a cloud that don't move
Fuck yo face
I'm too high
Fuck yo face
Yo we not on, no gangstas

Purple O.G.?
I love that taste

Where the backwood at?
Go roll that eighth

Can't stand up
How I'mma roll up?
Matter fact, give me that back
I'mma roll that up
Light it up, and get high as fuck

This personal, boy, roll your own
I grow my own shit
Got a hundred clones
Oh, you mad?
Better watch your tone

Ran outta backwoods, so I grabbed a bone
THC, trippy stick
When I blow my weed
There's an extra lift

Gas mask
Well that's the shit
That eighth gone, so we get a zip

[Hook: X3]
Hookin' up
In this club
Give it to a bad bitch
Hookin' up, rub a dub dub
Rub a, rub a dub dub

Inhale, exhale
Police say pop over cars for that weed smell
I roll the bad shit, upscale
I blew a whole zip
Light another L

Only time could tell
How high I'm gonna get

Who will ever know?
If a blunt stay lit
Its burnin' too slow
Activist dip

Smoke leaving the room
Let's hot box the whip!

I'm out of my mind
I'm seein' thangs
I be so high
I hallucinate

I had to go to sleep
To re-cooperate
Wake up and eat
To re-instate

Fuck, I'm high, cuz
Put the weed out
Can't hit that shit anymore (Oh my god!)
Let me out of this room
The fuck is wrong with me?
Please no more weed

Can't take it

[Hook: X7]
Hookin' up
In this club
Give it to a bad bitch
Hookin' up, rub a dub dub
Rub a, rub a dub dub

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