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[Verse 1: Chuck D]
Confrontation town front
I can't front! No, I can't believe this funk
Got a blacklash as long as some happy ass
Clown, frown, Uh I get down
In the trenches underneath the underground
Under a blanket of hell you never heard rejected the sound
Wrap your troubles in dreams baby in search of a theme
I can't believe I'm triple teamed
I voted! Hope my ass wasn't railroaded
Ran for the border to avoid the slaughter
Shit! I blamed that tape recorder cause you mad outta order
Beyond categories, another East side story Uh
That's three thousand miles ago
Cause cats are shook by past crooks
Doin street hooks too many freestyles yo be off the books
Be the judge make sure that needle don't budge don't prejudge
Your frustration anger at the association
What difference it makin got the whole world
Hatin art of war vocals influence the locals

[Hook 2x]
It's a mad mad world we've been living everyday
What you gone to say all man say I'm a fuck up
Living don't throw it away
It's a mad mad world we've been living everyday
What you goin to do all man say I'm a fuck up
Living don't throw it away
Claver est operes a mixer
Le New Jacks sont dans
Les MC's sont pres auteur en toute Liberte
It's a mad mad world we've been living everyday

We are ready to get in the mix
The new generation are in the place to be
MC's are ready to express themselves freely

[Verse 2: Vanilla Ice]
Now I feel trapped in this everyday form of life
Who's wrong or right who knows I still fight
To survive live from the land of confusion
Man's abusing which religion are you choosing
Substance abusing losing touch with reality
Have you forgot about your family values
Can't you understand the plan
World destruction push the button end of discussion

What'cha gonna do now
It's like the sound of a nuclear holocaust going Boo Yah
What a mad world
We got cops on the take
Females being raped
Bodies floatin in the lake
Why? Over hate
Better check your faith cause it'll be gone before you wake


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