Vast Aire – Mecca and the Ox Lyrics

Produced By: Pete Rock

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[Vast Aire]
Yo, see me chilling at the throne with a Viking cup
You can catch a beat down or get beat up
It's on you to choose
Some might say it's on you to lose
Cannibals are here and we love to chew
Pete Rock did the beat, don't get it confused
This is serious (I'm serious!)
My chemical romance is weed and booze
So don't get me started
Cuz we can all act ill and get retarded
Like a paraplegic with ski's on
Sorta like Christopher Reeve with a cape on
Bring ya army, bring mad troops
I'll just open my suit in the phone booth
And now it's on
Unless you got the green I'm repping Krypton

(Hook) Vast Aire
I tap dance on fingers (On fingers!)
So if you knew the ledge you wouldn't be holding on
Queens (Get up!) - Bronx (Get up!) - Brooklyn, Staten

I tap dance on fingers (On fingers!)
So if you knew the ledge you wouldn't be holding on
Queens (Get up!) - Bronx (Get up!) - Brooklyn, Manhattan

See that's what I'm talking 'bout
I'll flow so ill we like Hurricane cash

[Vordul Mega]
Tryna live, gon' thru it since we was kids
Our livelihood is writing rhymes, blowing buddha in cribs
Seriously animated and spit
Rhyming for those implicating they sick, we nice
Eva since ninja stars and spray cans in the waste lands
Now it's all about lasers, displaying raps in baseheads
Bumping beats on streets, pumping CDs and watching for PD
When crashing colorful weed leaves outta plastic bags
Match the meds, hook the portable decks
Blasting tracks after that vision's apocalyptic
Like you was tripping off acid tabs
On an average path we be crashing crafts, blowing Indian hash
Saved by seat belts and airbag, popping outta dash
And the batch still wanna push us in wax
Cuz we move fast, dipping in traffic
Gon' thru the madness with no ration
But we live it, matter of fact
Over fiction, friction, thru twisted communications
Listening, straight whispering

(Hook) Vast Aire

[Break 2]
Put your hands up
Put your hands up
Put your hands up

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