Vast Aire – Shu (The God of Aire) Lyrics

Produced By: Thanos

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[Vast Aire]
I am the weirdest; I am the norm
I am the vortex; the Eye of the Storm
I was here before man was scorned
I was here before man was torn
If I could finish the rhyme
I would run around in space and wrap up time
And dwell the Neturei
Even if you got led I can see thru you
The path is spiritual insight
Then I cry out like Isyss then take flight
And at night I'm so in tuned
I might act stupid if I look at the moon
I'm like a Dog-faced baboon
I'll put your heart in a scale with the feather of Mach
And I don't gotta guess that I'm hot
And you don't gotta guess that I rock the spot

So become the hawk, become the kite
One becomes the speech, the other the sight
I use to outdo cats like you on my lunch period
Then converse with the burning bush about a period
Yo become the speed, become the mic
One will run while the other's in flight
I use to outdo cats like you on my lunch period
Then converse with the burning bush about a period

[Vast Aire]
The understanding of wisdom is silence
But the true essence of God is balance
You can get lost like Alice
In a Wonderland puffing on a chalice
LXG - we cause malice
When I grab comics I get a callus
You was pleasing her I doubt it
This is why she's praising the phallus
I knew she was good I ain't know she was that bad
I died and she stood there and fought with a Nile crab
When I speak I'm dope like opium
Ya arms are too short to touch the podium
So just listen to me sing
I'm like Michael and you're the horse with waxed wings
I'm loving her, she's my Queen
The Supreme Team - I'm her God King

(Hook) 2x

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