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[Verse 1]
I wanted to see where you would go
So I left a light, all alone in the dark
I could see your reflection

I could see your reflection and I'm coming to get you

I wanted to be all that you know
So you couldn't see with a [?]
I guess you are who you are
At least I always know you got that far
Where you gonna go? When they're coming to get you

Where did you run? Another malcontent
I can't last a lot, I lost out again
I gain nothing at all, but knowing how to contend
Saying nothing was wrong, say [?]
Dream everyone lives inside a perfect world except me
Tell me how could that be?
I'm a slave to the rhythm of the beat, put the barrel to my body and they tell me move your feet

And he said

[Hook: Thundercat]
Run, run, run
Or face this gun, gun, gun
Run, run, run
Or face this gun, gun, gun

Nobody move
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt

You want a war, you're bound to get murked


And I will let you use me if you want it
You will have your movie, pick your star
I know you love it in the spotlight
I know you love it in the spotlight
Don't you?

[Verse 2]
I know you love when you wake up and go to work
And remember that you forgot my name was on your shirt

Then you remembered that you fucked last chance you ever had, anyway, too bad
I know that shit gotta hurt

I'm an E! True Woodlawn story
Internet short, flash gordy, passport sporty boarder, going in a pair of Jordys
That boy gone in the air, catch 'em
Them New York girls, they like my southside accent
Ask if I ain't been killing it a lot, is the INNANET hot?
Is the radio pop?
Or popped up out of nowhere pulled the plug on they plot
Pullin' the feathers from the phoenix 'till it's stuck in Ciroc
Caught in between myself and a hard place
Heartbreak hotel, for me it never goes well
At the car chase when my car breaks and my carburetor explodes and I flatline at the same time as my heart rate


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