Waka Flocka Flame – Lurkin Lyrics

Produced By: TM88

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Twenty Twelve to after life
Higher then a motherfucker

Partying With Jesus Christ
Hold on trap
Hold on trap

Try TM shit one more time
Please my nigga
Fuck wrong with dis nigga man?
Nigga over seas
Nigga over there throwing show

Nigga ain't givin' money
You nigga talking crazy
Fuck wrong with these niggas

My boys they be lurkin'
My boys they be lurkin'
My boys they be lurkin'
Nigga we lurkin'
My dawgs they be lurkin'
My dawgs they be lurkin'
My dawgs they be lurkin'

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka Flame]
BLLLLAAAAPPPP Hopped out start firing shots
Flag 'round that choppa' nigga
Headshots on Flocka nigga
BLLLLLAAAAPPPP Hopped out start firing shots
Flag 'round that choppa' nigga
Headshots on Flocka nigga

Once you stomp his ass out
Shawty what that mouth about

My young nigga bring the bitch about
Any nigga that think they hard, I doubt that
They shot your partner, you ain't shoot back

Aye my nigga where your heart at
Coup painted, Flat Black
With an f'in go click clack
That's the sound of us lurkin'

Outside of your trap
Outside of your bitch house
Outside of your momma house
Outside of the club
Chillin' at your concert
Shootin' 'til my fingers hurt
Waka Flame


These rappers disrespect me
I'mma knock 'em out

Pull up at his concert
Joint down on him with that mouth about

Nigga, short temper like I'm JJ
Gungang like im hot topic
Got hands like a woo
With so-called beef
With you know who

Hope your boy down to ride nigga'
All my niggas gonna ride nigga

Can't wait 'till the day we collide nigga
Advise niggas not to fuck with me
Better off fucking with me

My fingers they sticky
Don't leave no money around me

Welcome to, Clayton County
Say you will toral
Say I'll fight it to the demon
I fought the niggas swag
It didn't cover my semen
Lurkin and schemin'
My nigga be plottin'
Chillin, waiting for the drop
They gonna notice the shit real
When I lick off the shot
Man a body drop, scream my flesh hot
Hundred roun clip with an A.R. 15
Bet it wake up your whole block

Waka Flocka motherfucker


[Verse 3: Plies]
Guess what I did today
Pussy I just bought another stick
Guess I need to start working out
Cuz this bitch here, got a lot of kick

Do what I need y'all nigga to do
Ask me 'bout another bitch
Ask me 'bout a body
Some illegal shit, I plead the Fifth

250 rounds pussy thats the Al Qaeda shit
Ridin 'round in a rental car
Windows on it, I tint that shit
Stop hiding, duckin' and dodgin' nigga
Let's go get it over with
Headshots and closed caskets
I give my young niggas bonuses
Motherfuck the E.R
I'm tryin' to hit you permanent
Y'all niggas wanna talk it out
But me and my niggas want to burn the bitch
We lurkin'
Everybody got sticks on them
We lurkin nigga all times of da morning


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