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Produced By: Tone P

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Work work work work
Yeah you know I got that work

I'm why baby mamas leave
I'm why baby fathers kirk

[Verse 1: Wale]
Made it big with gogo
And I made it with that dope flow
This one right here for DC
This one right here for Polo
TMOTT PA Palace flow, Hugo Boss New Balance flow
Here they keep a rachet close
And tend to think irrational

Bait bait bait bait
Bet I get like 8 of them

They clapping and we balling
How fitting we at Stadium
(Bait Bait Bait Bait) BOA Lil G, Moe, Cobain and Tre
Floor seats at that Wizards game
So close I could give Flip a play
HA my mojo back
May just gon' bring HOBO back
Shout out chicken getting chicken
Like my North East Homie Fats
Who that nigga she fool with?
He don't do the same
Baby girl I just move them!
I got that Goodman game

(Bait Bait Bait)
Who's on my line
I'm blowing up these bitches calling me
(Bait Bait Bait)
I'll snatch your girl if you're slipping
She's on my line like I'm fishing
(I got that) work work work work
Yeah you know I got that work
I'm why baby mamas leave I'm why baby fathers kirk
(bait bait bait)
I'll snatch your girl if you're slipping
Double M-G not to mention we got that

[Verse 2]
Uh riding 'round, I got some Towson bait
She said I'm her hideaway I get her off like a holiday
Yeah that girl is thick, top heavy for days
That bottom half is fishy, What you a mermaid?
Getting on my level, joe -- Nuvo new and yellow too
They not pulling in no green like smoking whent that rello broke
Never did I pedal coke but Tony Lewis said I'm dope
And Tony Jr. said I'm the hope

Big homie HOV said I am close
And I got that bait, they all bad
And they gonna fall in and out of love like my partner Taz
They need something to keep I need something to grab
Thats the end of my speech, I'm a need you to clap


[TCB speaks]
DC, Maryland Virginia this the part where I need all my sexy ladies to report to the dance floor
This bounce beat shit
TCB, Wale talk to them cuz

[Hook: Wale] x2
Work work work work
Yeah you know I got that work
I'm why baby mamas leave I'm why baby fathers kirk
Work work work work all my bait I got to work
All your slum that got to hurt, this summer's mine -- I got to work

[Verse 3]
I ain't stopping till the town gets on
These joints here not found at the mall
Shorty I'm a dog don't handle no broad
I be calling out game like Miles at the farms
I'm stuntin' though shawty from 124
Make her come a bunch of times she buys me a bunch of clothes

Girl stop being fallacious, this Mercedes is spacious
Black and white through the city guess this is gentrification
That fire flow the finest women I adore
I'm cool with all these broads in here but I do not date Lucaya hoes
Bait bait who's on my lets go lets go


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