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Get that ice cream
Get that ice cream
Get that ice cream
Here comes that ice cream truck
DC, Maryland, and Virginia
I got y'all this summer

[Verse 1]
Like somethin' on my mind, I'm finna let it know it
She heard I was a mac, I heard she was a roller
And this is how I'm going, your man ain't gotta know it
And know I'm givin' rides, baby girl take a token
Golden, and I ain't never ?
Cause two fives got me, they know me at the quarters
And I'm a know court with a flow like Lohan
And I don't give em roses 'less it's Rosé Moët
Hold up, Wale Folarin
Saks 5th Ave. while they shoppin' at Target
Got it, homie when you want it
My studio a day spa, booth, a sauna
On another level here, y'all all irrelevant
Anywhere they're fakin' Wale, I Carmelo 'em
Mellow them out, I'm David Stern
By the time you come back, the team just ain't yours
Two scoops, sing it to me girl

Get that ice cream
Get that ice cream
Get that ice cream
Cherry on top, she like it on top
And when I hit the spot the cherry go pop
The cherry go pop, the cherry go pop
And when I hit the spot, the cherry go pop

[Verse 2]
She say she ain't with it, she say she got a nigga
She wasn't no B, until she heard the lyrics
That what I call spittin', sixteens official
French vanilla kissin', put that cone in the middle
The cherry on top, she like it on top
And when I hit the spot the cherry gonna pop
The area I'm at, put my city on the map
And I'm making that guap while it's feasible to rap
Wale, that's me
Wale, they not me
I'm made a great name, the haters watch me
Leave 'em with a reason, number reason to be mad
You'll never find better, go explore like reaction
This is rap with a go-go attachment
I am dap one like a handshake partner
I curry chicken ass niggas like bhatt ?
Hip hop and dough, know the world gonna rock that
Two scoops, shorty get that ice cream


[Verse 3]
Now I've met a lot of women, but them uptown women
Make me love 'em just a little
Had an E Street banger, beautiful and dangerous
Listen to me baby
Had a Largo slam with a girl, not a man
Still took 'em by the hand, she my ice cream girl
Had a Falls Creek diva, sneaker game clean
And I put her on my team, she my ice cream girl
Had a youngin' out in Rizo(?), wanted to get the kids
We separated but still, she my ice cream girl
Had a south side rider, right to the side of me
I ain't gonna lie, she my ice cream girl
Had a youngin' out Nova, nothin' but the couture
And we still close, she my ice cream girl
DC VA, women of the world
You messin' with Wale, you my ice cream girl
Two scoops


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