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Lil 2 minute joint
Rest in peace Guru
Its cold as shit in this booth

[Verse: Wale]
I got that mass appeal
I like to ask the bad bitches if they ass is real
I like my glasses filled, as if it has to spill
I give her vicoden relief you just an aspirin pill
I smoke the greenest of medicine till the government let us win
They fuck with the message but they don't fuck with my etiquette
Its somethin they never get, but fuck it I represent
So I don't kid around like I'm searchin for surrogates
With no effort im iller, they won't breath what im spittin'
Im controlling the air, like a gentry decision
I'm a gentlemen women tell me my wisdom is different
Lyrical pictures, they used to have a windowless vision
Fuck it its MMG, ima cross of def poetry and potent tree
I do it my way, mofuck' what ya'll say
End these weak niggas like a mofuckin' friday
Enemies sleep, nigga eat with ya, talk to ya
Walk with ya close enough until they get they teeth in ya

My heart livin, got silver lining to soft women
And real niggas gone see they end before they see a limit
Ambition, its a lot of people get it
And if they all in your business then you don't need a twitter
Lord knows that four door fit eight women
Lappin' up bitches while literally lappin' all you niggas
Decathlon em, maccin' on em
Black power range rover, mofuckin' mastodon 'em
The mask is on 'em like a catholic service
People be tellin' me I need me an african woman
I just bask in the moment, give my passion to no one

Give orgasm's to women who scared to ask me to hold em'
Reputation is vital when you facin your rival
Im from the side where silly niggas hate or they like you
Confused admirers go Russel with Bryant
I put this J in your face get a whiff of this michael
Mass Appeal,and this bag I hit got me Alaskan Chill
I like my glasses full, as if my eyes is big
And fuck you don't look up to me, my girl is 5'6"
I got some fire and shit
I got some woods in yellow, to the burbs im ghetto
In the hood im well-o
over they head sometimes
Guess im ahead of my time
I swear I put this shit down without a gimmick or lie

Id rather live in a prison setting then live in a lie
And niggas slippin if they think the fucking grip is a lie
A couple posites I got,even penny'll stop
And nike put em on punishment they won't ever come out

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