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[Intro: Wale]
Uh, I appreciate everybody downloading the mixtape
This is just an indication that we still working
Ambition is still very big
Ay! Haha

[Verse: Wale]
At times I like to watch out the latest shit
Probably be dirt rich and worthless
If a nigga didn't fake like them

I'm at the ATM, spending like I ain't paying rent
You ain't working hard as this
Then you deserve that H & M

I never quit it, the youngest one of my mother's children
I represent all the have-nots, but go and getters
My flow's different, my money's hard, but comprehending
'Cuz I ain't lazy but made a lot of money from Chillin'
Was just such a fufilling feeling, we stuck in the building
Where people run on the scene and people don't see your vision
With a free mind they see mine, they see my opinion, in a few words
But with these words, I'm as free as an intern

Double MG pays me, fuck with me, you crazy
This game is like Canal street, all I see is fake G's
Making it hard, tryna figure whose out to get me”
Particularly, these bitches that's inner ugly and outer pretty
But how sweet, I'll be happy, so they snatch me
And make me they baby daddy try to make me pay for half

But never that, I'm hungry for success and I never fast
This murder on every track, this verse is an epitaph
My bitches is perfect, I tell 'em boxing for your ass
We fight with these rings with the intention to ever last
I deserve a medal, lap 'em on every track
Ambition is coming soon, how you gon' act?
I deserve a medal, I lap 'em every track
Eleven-One-Eleven- download that

[Outro: Wale talking]

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