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[Intro - Wale]
Good Evening, Uhm, Everybody Listening
Self Made Coming Soon
Turn it up a little more

[Verse 1]
Optimism - wishin' make you too content
Say it's only beautiful when lucrative
Losing myself, groupies don't help
Foolish with pride, foolish with Wealth
Nigga with too much to say, you might make a fool of yourself
So don't bother with niggas that bother to much to help
Ha ha ha - lyrical Homicide
Fresh to death, when I step, you can hear Momma's cry
Lebron Number Nine's, I ain't trynna floss
But guarantee all of my women got designer drawers
We can't hear 'em they keep barking they monologue
They rap they're ass off and don't nobody like their songs
And we don't know no right from wrong
We're young and we don't give a fuck
Won't you pull your liquor up before you throw your liquor up
Ha - so gifted, do it truly
British girls kick it with me like I'm Wayne Rooney

That's all I got
Tim Westwood

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