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I wrote this verse while sittin' on the toilet
Thinkin' that soon as I finish shittin' I'll record it
The beat started givin' me orders
Like write a verse to me, you don't even need a chorus
I started writin', brain cells start ignitin'
Charter flightin' over the track and I'm whack talkin' titan
Me and herbs, we the hungriest crew
And we got way more need of this money than you
I'm a broke mu' fucka, I don't own nothin' fancy
Land lords takin' me in is quite chancy
Credit card companies won't cash advance me
Cause they know I push it to the limit like a banshee
Maxed out, that's what Wax is 'bout
We back in ya house
Smack your mouth and black out
In the back of a stolen Kia
Roll the tree up
And watch out for the Policia
A broke ass ridin' dirty
Wit' a stash in the glove, street value of a dollar thirty
So I ain't got a fuckin' dime to lose
And I was spittin' before there was even tyin' my shoes
Give me tracks and I won't stop makin' hits
Big Wax, I'm good on anything, call me bacon bits
Gimme medicine quick
I'm way better than sick
Ya'll ain't fuckin' with this veteran clique
I can't help it
I'm just so great at this
Vibe magazine contest, I dominated this
I'm the one spit game on some matrix ish
Whip your ass like a leather-clad dominatrix bitch
You should throw in the towel
I can already feel the ten thou' in my bank account now
Splish splash and a wipe of the crack
Every time your boy Wax touch the mic, it's a wrap

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