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I still believe that you love me baby
I still believe that you care darling
I still believe that you love me baby
Ahhhh (forever my lady)

[Verse 1]
She would take her time and she would walk a mile
And still i would ignore to even drop a line
Now i would give the world to have you back as mine
I took her for granted and lost it all na na na na
She step otta mi life u kno she never looked back
Sen up the deh rude boy pressure gave me a heart attack
I never did believe that she could really do that
She run me like a dog and call me dirty brother
So i get myself together got to clean up my act
She really want dat she nuh want no yikidiyak
Without a doubt she loves me and she cares


[Verse 2]
I know i done you wrong but, you and i belong
Im reaching out to you, just listen to my song
Girl i apologize for treating you so cruel
I took her for granted and lost it all


Baby be there for me, baby be there for me

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