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[Verse 1: Yoni Wolf]
As I lay me down to fall asleep
With my demons dying
And my pilot light weak
I curse the last six months
I've been hiding behind a mustache

And to those last 10 years
I've been howling a paper moon
Well fuck you

[Hook 1]
This goes out to all my underdone
Lung-long frontmen

(This is what the ghost of someone's dad says [DOSEONE])
And all us earth growths
Some planted
And some pulled

(Shut up and put your money where your mouth is [DOSEONE])

[Verse 2: Yoni Wolf]
You shine a flashlight in
A hat box and spin
An empty oyster shell
And celebrate the hollows

[Hook 2]
This goes out to dirty-dancing, cursing
Back-masking, back-slidden pastor's kids

(From behind bars its not so hard to see he's risen [DOSEONE])
And all us earth growths
Some planted
And some pulled

(Nobody finds god and then goes to prison [DOSEONE])

[Verse 3: Yoni Wolf]
In Berlin I saw two men fuck
In the dark corner of a basketball court
Just a slight jingle
Of pocket change pulsing

In the tourist park I lost 50 euros
To a guy with the walnut shells
And the marble
It really pissed me off
So I thought I'd go back
To get my money
But all my homies warned me
"Oh no, those gypsies
Prolly got knives"

[Hook 3]
This goes out to all my under-brewed
Double-duped, two-time trouba-fools
(Stop thinking a phone call
Or text is too complicated [DOSEONE])
And all us earth growths
Some planted
(Like a married uncle at a family function [DOSEONE])
And some pulled

[Bridge: Yoni Wolf]
I got them shaky gums and a couple of loose tooths
Now tell me what should I do?
My God, the clock's always
Stuck tellin' 11:11, at 3:32

[Hook 1]
(Even just Joanna Newsom's left hand
Could beat the pants off your best man [DOSEONE])

[Hook 1]
(This is what the ghost of someone's dad says [DOSEONE])
And all us earth growths
Doin' the croak
Like it ain't no joke

In a crowded room projected debonair
Aloof impermanence
He shrouded loosely
In a heavy air of indeterminance

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