Will HS – 5am In Toronto Lyrics

Produced By: Boi-1da & Vinylz

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[Verse 1]
Ain't rich off a mixtape, but I still go hot
GS the best for repping Tdot
Drizzy got rich off of Degrassi
I'll get rich off of my skills,meaning he won't surpass me
No hate, just proving I'm not on safety
But he might actually pop me, so I'd rather play safely
Schooled on hip hop, acing all my courses
When I'm mainstream there'll be a couple corpses
Flow like river, destructive like Katrina
Life on the Edge just looking for a Lita
Lyrics so ill even though they're medication
Just a little something to help rap's patients
They say"oh shoot Kenji you really sick man. You with the gorillas too? You just might be Tarzan"
Damn, I'm such I'm Joey's last name
I could even get scooter and merge in the fast lane
Stay cool like the frost on a windshield
My lyrics are food for thought, so you always get a hot meal
Young Money reign is ending quickly
About to rob their cash, and go get with Nicki
Scratch that like a lotto ticket
Let some lames live so they know who's the sickest
Sorry Rich Gang, not meaning to disrespect
You got enough cash, how about a reality check
Guess I was harsh on my statement
There is a difference from knowledge and entertainment
5am and ish buzzing in the home city
Rumors of young man with class like Diddy
Only pocket change and a dream
Picking up a mic and hear everyone scream
Keep rising and not looking down/ I'm out to represent my hometown, GS

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