WingZz Knarleyy – BLKKK SK8 KiDDD Lyrics

Produced By: Mike WiLL Made It

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Blk Skater Kid, born in 1995
Gave myself a little gas.. [Now What] I got drive
Canon 7d, Photo-shoots
GoPro, Skate Vids
Always on my business
On my suit and tie ish..
Yo girl like me, thats she likes my photos..
Gettin' white money, KKK'in on the daily
También, Bueno, Maybe
You can eff with me.. [Nunca]
Measure all of my talents
Use a yard stick not no ruler
In a hotspot so I never get cold feet
ABC'S.. just play my CD…
Painting vivid pictures through my music, NO PICASSO
Music is grande.. como colossal..
Soul up in the raps, singing like it's church quires
You hot, but I'm hotter.. EMBERS..
That's a fire.. WAIT
Sk8 tricks to learn, Songs I gotta write
Colder than california deserts on them lonely nights… it's only right
I went right.. when they told me go left..
Listen to ur heart soul and mind



Ridin' on my skateboard.. better switch..
So call my switchy…
N cambio the cosas
Cuz I'm too G, but no movie..
But, what I do w/ my girl.. man that's rated R..
Cameras always out.. snap a photo kids.. cuz I am a star..
Foreign girls.. like a sk8er kid.. plus I'm blk.. that's a PLUS PLUS..
Creative like Kanye.. but I keep my trucks up..
Focused on on greatness.. N that's just how ima do it..
Tell ur peoples people bout me.. this the movement.. this the movement!!


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