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Hahahah Its Young Khalifa man
Taylor Gang
Yeah... Proud to say everybody smokin' joints right now
It's a blunt free environment

I'm in Canada too, fuckin' great everything's great

Wizzle man, the fans, the critics know me
Feet sunk in the sand blowing an OZ
Yeah, leave your bitch with a real nigga round her
I bet it's goin' down like a slow leak

The more cake the more hate's that's on me
I just fuck more bitches and roll more weed
And um, I'm the man to these hoes
Promoters paying me grands for my shows Mosley Rose
Fast cars and buying out the bars
Champagne, planes and rock stars
Shawty says she's' half-baked and ready to 'scape to outer space
So I take her to Mars
We can party
I'mma put some Jordan shorts on roll joints and play some old school songs
Amazed on how it's so easily roll
Hate niggas wanna police their hoes

We came to party, we grown
Smoke all this weed and get blown
And meet new people she wanna be free so leave those handcuffs at home
And if she's decide if she's leaving with me
Then let your bitch choose
No need to hate the player just hate the game
You know the rules, fool

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