Wiz Khalifa – Never Been Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Empty bottles of Clicquot and ashes on the flo'
Towel under the do', we wasn't supposed to even smoke
I ain't tripping, never slip or slacking on my pimping
Drop the nerds you with, come smoke a joint with he who's winning
Ain't like them guys who wine and dine to keep they women
My bitches only want two things, that's to get high and kick it

Try my pot prescription, take a couple shots with lemon
Usually have to watch a movie to see how I'm livin'
So what's the hold up, waiter bring the bottle get them EZ-Widers rolled up
Self made G, did everything on my own, bruh
In my early twenties with money as wide as Oprah

Crack another bottle, get the weed rolled up
And girl you know I got it, everything's on us

I toke a lot cause I'm getting bank roll
And they follow me anywhere that my plane go
Say she never been
Say she never been
Say she never been

I'm getting bank roll
And they follow me anywhere that my plane go
Say she never been

[Verse 2]
Crack a window we gon' smoke this indo
Saying that you still high from last night
You try to pass, trying to beware of the fast life

Kick it with the planes and it'll be your last flight
OG hash, let you stumble to class right
The sex great, no I don't give her no half-pipe
Housekeepers knocking, we don't let 'em in

Rolling doobies up, room with a Jacuzzi tub (say she never been)
In the game, I am a veteran
After we fuck, roll the doctor-prescribed medicine
Let you hit it once, then you sleepin'
A fly nigga traveling the world, taking your girl for the weekend
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