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[Verse 1: (Nesby Phips)]
Bone Snaps and crane kicks
Divine intervention, I was put here to change shit
For hooker, crook or cats who draped up in the same fit
Been rockin it for days now, and will until the pay stop

See there's no dinner or winner for second place huh?
Yea that what I figure, so I handle my business
Confidentiality, all my plans to get richer
Then I, master my role as my plan unfold
Right moves, make sure the left hand don't know
Words from a wiser predecessor: Never let up

I know how to spot a fool, cause he never shut up
If you speak it, you don't know it, you know it, you don't speak it

Can't feel me if you put your vertebrae on the speakers
See it got to be, and your nine on ya
I got higher than Chong on bongs in California
Catch me in your in local cool spots catty corner
Virgins to the herb frown at that aroma
For those inquisitive, scoot closer to Phips a bit
I invite you to get higher than what you've experienced

[Hook: (Wiz Khalifa)]
Um, There's some who think they smoke, but We stay Higher
And some think they get fly, but We get Flyer

They lookin for the Planes, We done cruised right by ya
Smell what I smoke, they ask me if I supply, I say Noooo. (Nooo)
It's everywhere We goooo

[Verse 2: (Wiz Khalifa)]
Woke up in the mornin'
Some ashes in the sink, couple drinks we was pourin' in

My niggas sleep, bitches rollin weed while I'm yawnin'
It's just a routine after a night of performin'
I turn the hotel into a Polo Party
Makin' them eggs with cheese, let 'em smoke so much weed
Them hoes think we in the '70s

Big Dog, better pedigree, she in this king size bed with me
Give her space boy, I let her breathe
And I mean that technically
Roll up the trees,
like my weed grown medically
Less of the seeds,
Niggas still got the hatin' disease
When actually they know, bite or bark, fight or heart

I'mma keep rollin' trees nigga, light or spark
Taylor in my walk, karate in my Talk
Now that's gangsta

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]

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