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[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
If I brought it out the crib that mean I’m spending everything
What we doing, getting money
How we do it, everyday
Order case, tell the bartender we need thirty more
Nig if you ain't spending money what the fuck you in here for
In here for, what the fuck you in here for

Nig if you ain't spending money what the fuck you in here for
In here for, what the fuck you in here for
Bitch if you ain't trynna fuck then what the fuck you in here for

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
You know me no I don’t talk my nig I be about it
Can’t even count it, need an accountant
I’m rich so now my bitch is bad I need a stallion
Ain't trickin I just treat her like she need allowance
Smoke the whole pound, man we gone need an island
Keep my toys in the garage so bitches think I’m childish
Oh, I got money you could keep your talent
You ain't even getting money you just be around it
Engine screaming when I run it
Waking neighbors when I’m coming

Here'em talking but they don’t want it, them niggas frontin'
Smoking loud they shit you smoke ain't sayin' nothing
Them niggas talking shit but they ain't sayin' nothing


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Diamonds all up in my chain, it's like an avalanche
Nigga tryna race my car, man he don’t stand a chance
Everything is all on us, that mean you gotta know
Bitch if you ain't tryna fuck, that mean you gotta go
Drinking liquor smoking weed, and ballin everday
Making money fuckin hoes, I’m repping Taylor Gang

That nigga, they telling me I’m that nigga
Like the room's full of white folks, I’m that nigga

If you ain't talking money I can’t even rap with you
Major cake but niggas hate because my stacks bigger
Raw papers, long ones
Fucking with them Taylors boy you got the wrong one


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