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[Verse 1: Wyse]
I'mma House party nigga
I'mma house party having
That crown is in my reach, and yea im about to grab it
If its something that I want, then you know I gotta have it
And, all I want is this fame, and my money staking
If you hear a clap, its me and yo girl, in tha back smackin
Hitting so hard you would hink that she is tatted
But did it so right that she sent her nigga packing
She trying to play this role for good, but im still casting
Nigga said some shit, I was like whats happning?
He was like oh no bro, it was a misunderstanding
Trying to catch up to me, nigga dont pull yo hamstring
I got something to say and you niggas just rambling
Listen lyrical flow and style is what your lacking
Give my flow a grade, and this shit is just outstanding
Your stuff is still and mine is just rattling
Too Dope in the front,and you niggas in the back dragging
Bad bitch send me pics., of dissent she is latin
Yeea the only kind of chicks that i be bagging
Call me karate kid cuz that ass is what im waxed in
Hit it so hard, you would think a nigga batting

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