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It feels like the first, like it never did before" - Foreigner

Know what it feels like?
Like my backs against the wall again (wall again)
Like my first fight at school where I got a win (got a win)
The first time I met Shane, he put me in the gang
At 14 gave me a chain, down for me, I did the same
The first time I sold 'cane
I flipped but I knew it wasn't me
And Shane said, "Hoffa, that ain't really you."
The first time I shot a gun, finger trigger itchy
I was quickly ready to pop off with anybody who tried messing with me
"It feels like the first time"
I stepped in the booth
At that point I delivered the truth (that was me)

The first time I heard the playback and four minutes after
I would swear up and down I was better than your favorite rapper

Like the first time I had sex
Not the first time I lied about the first time
I had sex

The real first time I was working mine like a pro
She would know, no lie, I was on the grind yo (let's go!)
The first time I heard me on the radio (let me think)
Was the last time I heard me on the radio

It really doesn't faze me though
You can do the math
I got over it the first time I signed an autograph (forget it man)
Like the first time I did a show for my class B
I had the whole school singing "You nasty"

So don't ask me about the other three
Cause it's like the first time I dropped an album to me
You see

It feels like the first, like it never did before"

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