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This is block music
Yeah, I gots to do it
This for my niggas that like monster music
This for my niggas that'll chop it up, lock it up
Come through stunting in your whip we get the monster trucks
Put a hole in you niggas just for even stressing
Have you bleeding every month like you pms-ing
Talk to the cops and we EMS them
Royalty's hot, don't even test him
Leave the cororner to rest him
And I don't even like the threat and I make peace rhymes
Bulletproof whips with a symbol like a peace sign
He might be too nice on the DL
You don't get that line, man, I'm talking bout a CL
K 5 double o
Call me agent double o
Cooking up the double o's like a bowl of cheerios
Here we go, here we go
Take it back, take it back
It's game time, bitch
? go and take a nap

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