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Hate it or love it, I'm the definition of it nigga
You need to work, look in the kitchen cupboard
Raps a big casino, on a happy night I'll cash out
I'm the black and the white on your cash cow
Cop whips, don't even put no cash down
The dealership know what it is, don't ask how
And I refrain from explaining my cash route
This is all before the IRS found out
Try your hardest to put your own sound out
Before all your fans bounce out
Now this the bounce that I needed
Please just breathe it
I wanna air niggas out
I just can't see it
What's the meaning of life?
Niggas try to seek it
Well, I just live for the Lord and let it be, kid
This is what I mean by living
Fresh to death, I even got the mean girls tripping
I'm still trying to find how them jeans are fitted
I don't wanna try 'em on
I just wanna get in 'em

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