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I'm H-O-double F, what them checks mean
I'ma be rich to the death, keep 'em fresh
Even if I leave the town, Sez and Bling keep the steps clean
I can pull out the Tony Hawk keep it extreme
I'm holing on to trophies, sorry to the next team
Make sure you keep your visor on cause the chain gleam
Me, Neesha, Sez, B, and Bling, we the gang green
Ain't we coming through your mall here to stay clean
Over hundred dollars for the Guess jeans, pack 'em up
Give me 40 acres in the mezzanine, wrap it up
Royalty's the label and the city, yeah, we patent up
Make money by any means, homie can trap with us
Shoot niggas, laugh it up
Y'all don't really want a war
Rain cloud on your career and here, I'm the thunderstorm
I don't even got to front at all
Royalty's the label and the city
If you think not, look for Hoff

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