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[Intro] [XV talking]:
Yeah, Vizzy. They tried to get me to do the letter X. All I could think of was Xylophone and Xerox. So what you want me to do? V? Alright

Vizzy vocally vent on verses vast a virgin
View me visibly violate any vermin I'm verses
Variations of my visage vary in versions
Verbally vilified a vendetta is the verdict
On the verge of, moving as vibrant and a violin
Vigorously seeking victory, Vizzy get violent
Vengeance is a virtue held as a votive
I vibrate venues in vain via the voltage
Verbally, I spit verbatim vintage as vinyl
Villains ain't vital they just vagina's in a vial
Versatility destroy victims on video too
I'm a veteran, you very much belong on The View
I don't care if you got a vest on you
I turn valuable MC brains to vacant vegetables

Vodka makes vanilla sluts vacuum my nuts
Venni Vetti Vicci,
I'm back in the cut

[Outro] [XV talking]:
Now-now valet my vehicle. Please put on my Visa and point me in the vicinity of the V.I.P. Yerrrdiggg?

Are you like a crazy person?
I am quite sure they will say so

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