Yasiin Bey – Bedstuy Parade & Funeral March Lyrics


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Turn the drums up
Turn my vocals, too
I hear myself a lil more
More [7x]
Moto [9x]
Nice [5x]
Moto moto still [3x]
Yeah [3x]
Nice [7x]
Uh huh
You waited up a lil bit for me
Yeah [3x]
Bedstuy Parade & Funeral March
For fighters and lovers

How [11x]

I can't stand you
I just love you
I got somethin to give you but
I don't want to
The one I wanna be close to but
I can't touch you
Cuz I can see you
But I can't see good cuz
You keep me crying
Oohhoooo oohhoooo oohhoooo oohhoooo oohhoooo

My gangsta woman
Sweet gangsta woman
Pretty gangsta woman
Little killa woman
Sweet gangasta woman
Pretty killa woman
Sweet gangsta woman



How [10x]

Gangsta [6x]

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