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Sharper than the straight razor shave
Cooler than the steel that put the blade to a point

It's worldwide currency, they wishing well coins
It's high fidelity bang, your speaker leak noise
And not at Chuck D level, y'all at petite level
Have gun, do travel, spread love, beat devils
Walk soft and carry the chrome magnum
Shots blow up and smash into soft grainy fragments
Breathe fire, spit smoke, blow away ashes
Smarten up dumbass, this ain't bum class
Atmosphere above that, you can't touch that
Real forever real, they could hate it or love that
It's bigger than hip-hop, hypes and wicked government
Brooklyn at war, winning, and I give a fuck in this
You in it for the most sucker-est, dummy-est, no getting lovin'-est
Some real riders up in this be-otch
Dudes walk blitzed and pitch Reeboks
They (?)
These dudes doped in this detox
Turkey wing, clean up your act
You whack like quack
I've been a lot and I ain't never been
I got the right in exact and the trap for the rats
The liars and the saps, the poachers in the hats
Landline, mainline, spine goes SNAP
Vanglorious, phantasmagoria
Crack pandora on each and every all of ya
Whoever you can call, then you better start calling them
Then call the coroner white drapes for all of ya

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