Yelawolf – Marijuana Lyrics

Produced By: Will Power

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Marijuana, Marijuana, fuck

[Verse 1]
20 pounds in the trunk
Momma been growin' that skunk
Green room looks like a warzone
Dirty water drips from the hydro pumps
Daddy got me sweepin' leaves
Pickin' up shake

Makin tea, brownies, cookies
Serving all the hippies

Nickel sacks
Bet, hit me Dixie boy
Smoker's toy
Paraphernalia, you enjoy

Grow it pack it then deploy
Summertime job, come get employed
Evidence destroyed
Family biz evidently boy

Duckin' in the police boy
All for the love of

Growin' it up
Cut it down

Pack it up
Pass it around
Everybody loves some
Makes you happy
Feelin' stupid

Girls get horny
When they use it

Everybody smokes some

[Verse 2]
Can't get caught by the Rosco
So we stuffin' this green like a taco

Feelin' like we hit a brick lotto
Putting dents in the street like a pot hole

We pot hold, in the backwoods
2 tone box Chevy with the black hood

Seats come out all packed up
P's for the 18 like a Mac truck
You a dope boy? So what
If I gave you my connect
You'd blow up
Sawed off layin' flat on the sofa
They'll twist that lid like a soda
Uncle Critter putting plugs on the motor
We gotta get to Tennessee no holdups
We ain't getting rich bitch
We getting over
All for the love of


[Verse 3]
Crowbar sits in the carjack
Fill the gas tank up with a fun pack
Son I don't wanna see you til' you come back
If you get caught, you know where the money's at
Throwing loose rocks on a dirt road
Police on your throat like a chokehold
Rollin' through town with a boatload
I'm feelin' like a trailer park mogul
Sweat can't roll down the windows
Cuz the doors jammed up with the elbows

I think I see cops, I can't tell though
If I ride too close, they'll smell dope
My phone blowin' up, I promise
They waitin' on the package from the runner
I made enough just for the summer
All for the love of


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