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(Chorus x2)
Don’t come around again
I believe it
I believe it

(Verse 1: Yo Gotti)
When a nigga talk dope
They don't never speak about the truth

They don't never speak about you
When a nigga talk real
You don't even know how it feel
How you gon' tell me what it is

When a nigga say Gotti
All they know is Leer and Maserati
All they know is turnin' up the party
All they know is young nigga with a whole bunch of rollies
All they know is young nigga gon' catch a body

When a nigga say north, nigga talkin' bout jumpin off the porch
With a bag full of 50 same court
Nigga talkin' bout trying to fight a gun charge
Trying to fight a brick charge
Lawyer ain't show up in court
When a nigga say trial, nigga talkin' bout gambling with his life
That’s how a nigga really earn his stripes

When them niggas say
He don't fuck with me like I fuck with him
He ain’t finna do something right
That nigga finna snitch

Man I knew that nigga was a bitch
Man I knew that nigga wasn't shit
He ain’t got no heart, man I knew that nigga was risk
Should've killed him when he we went on that lick

When them niggas say bang, nigga they be talking bout my squad
Nigga they be talkin bout my cars
When they say white
Nigga they be talkin bout bricks
I'll buy that shit off of black card, talk to em

(Chorus x2)
Don’t come around again
I believe it
I believe it

(Verse 2: Yo Gotti)
When them niggas say bitch, we don’t really mean no harm
She ain’t gotta be so offensed

When a nigga say ho, ain’t say you know what you is
Shawty you ain’t got to be so defensive

Niggas say you bad
That’s a compliment, not literally

Half naked pictures, but you lookin' for a gentleman
Instagram your whole life after the pull of trying to get your followers up
Sold your soul to the internet

Damn, damn right it's a cold world
Losing sleep by my little girl
Damn Mariah hope you don't be like Maliah

Damn sure hope you don't be like oh girl
True when a nigga say he like you
Niggas sayin' what he gon' do?
Tell a nigga he a lie, tell him that a real bad bitch get his own so that money can’t buy
When a nigga say he ballin, ask him where his title and his deeds at
Not where his clothes and his keys at

Ask him if he ring
Tell him that your daddy was a real baller
He was blowin' money by the seasons

Let him know you good, left a couple mil and a whip for you
Big burner rays right that’ll kill for you
Mama broke bad, left a nigga down bad
I ain’t trippin, don’t show I’m still here for you

(Chorus x2)
Don’t come around again
I believe it
I believe it

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