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[Hook: Yo Gotti]
I'm fresh to death - picture man shit
America's most wanted - catch me if you can shit
Breaking news - I'm on my mob shit
All my ice on - you ain't gon' rob shit
Who want it? Who want it? Who want it? Who want it?
Who want it? Bow! Bow! Bow! D-O-A!
Who want it? Who want it? Who want it? Who want it?
Who want it? Bow! Bow! Bow! D-O-A!

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
2 Chains, 2 heaters
Drop 200 bands, on a 2 seater
You niggas broke, we are not equal
Gotti still hungry, grind like I'm 2 people
I'm on my young nigga shit - I know I am!
Out here living for today and I don't give a damn
A hundred bucks in a Camaro, black and red
Offset, the booty wide, it's sitting bow-legged
Threw the pipes on it, pin the stripes on it
Car talk back, (Kitt!) Michael Knight on it
This the life, homie, all my ice on me
Chandelier shit, without the lights, homie


[Verse 2: Starlito]
Pop! Pop! D-O-A! (?)
Reach for my chain and it go like this: you want to, I'll bang you
Ain't nobody took nothing, ain't no coincidence
No face, no case, no fingerprints
Point the pistol at the witness, they ain't seen shit
Money turn a felony to misdemeanor, bitch
We like LeBroning from the line, nothing but heat and bricks
When it come to beef though, it's Dirk's free throws, we don't seem to miss
My whole team winning, I think I'm Mark Cuban
Run and gun, never know when we might start shooting
Who want it? You stand but my goons on it
And if you make a move on it, then I feel sorry for you, homie


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