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[Verse 1: Yoda]
Fuck these bitch made niggas
These niggas all pussy
White girlfriend nickname Lucy
Ain't got shit on sussie
Kuz sussie got that juicy
Get loose up off this goosey
Take shots like Call of Duty
Im in my own zone hop in get thrown out
Pills inside my system you know im zoned out
Look at all these girls I swear they cloned out
I see 2 same bitches with they tongues out
Watch nut roll out
I swear these hoes nasty
Bitches call me daddy
I just call them thickness
No time for all that talking
Get straight down to business
Flowing is relentless, bullets threw yo dentures
Record on the cam, Kodak for the pictures
Flow dumb, plain stoopid
Chrome on the gun the same that I hit the coupe with
Keep a ho with loose lips
Skin tone look like tulips
Im good for everything, you other niggas useless

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