Yonas – The Black Canvas Lyrics

Produced By: Matty Trump

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[Verse 1]
This goes out to the artists of my time
Painting Mona Lisa's and such

But yet when the rent starts to climb
Can't afford their leases and such

They work hard for a decent little cut
Enough to let paint seep from the brush
When I scribble I think of everybody from the lower to the middle class we might touch
Can't put a price tag on a real flow
Can't put a body bag on a real soul

Can't put a stop sign in front of a rock star when his goal and his dream is to kill shows
Young artist, clever thoughts
When he follows his dreams, he's never lost

What's worth a lot of money now, here in the present
Is the very same art in the past, people never bought

And damn it's real
Still paint on the canvas ill
Cause I've gotta keep it moving forward man no standing still
Shit, shit, damn it's real
Still paint on the canvas ill
Cause I've gotta keep it moving forward man no standing still

DJ I love this song, (my) heart is torn in pieces
(the) future baby that is gone, (I) played it all night long
I know I'm such a fool, I gave him all he needed
Traded my heart and soul, for 18 karat gold
I know it's hard and you feel like everybody, shot ya down, shot ya down
I know it's hard and you feel like everybody shot ya down, shot ya down
With a bullet through the heart I popped the gun…

[Verse 2]
Van Gogh's, Divinci's, Basquiat's, Warhol's
Jay-Z's, 2Pac's, Lupe's, Paul Wall's
Whoever you pin up on your wall

In your room, it's your call
It's your movie, it's your scene
We just symbolize your dreams

Please understand what it means to be great
When your talent becomes your escape
So much to the point your reality is replaced by the place that you trace
And that place that you trace, and always easy to relate
If it was then it wouldn't be so safe, from the people tryna get up in your space...

But fuck it, gold chains, gold chains
One thing that you'll never see is a hood nigga with no chains
Hipster kid without a rope chain
Drug dealers with no shame
And me without my notepad just analyzing that whole thing
If life punches, you punch back
Cause if not then your dreams die and trust me you don't want that

All I need is my one mic, my one truth, and my one track
Cause once you lose that one love, you'll never get that one back


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