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These Nigga get moneyyyy!... And Blow...

Braves fitted on my cranium, Rims titanium, Blocks come from damion bricks of pandamanium, super model bitch say she british an bahamian, ridin' in the six same color macadamion, nuts im so arabian, hustle ?????????? you know its grand hustle why the fuck you wanna play me then, ex seal navyman, rich homo sapien, dro yall fakin them im takin them an rapin them wow, black proud guts leather swade cow, wow walk a mile japan im young chow, power to make em bow im supreme im a king, ice super green in that ???????????????, im truely a marine in the 2 seat saline, the Glock with the beam will make a grown man lean, I spray on my team pimp squad is the nation, 25 to life real dalmation

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