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(Music Plays)

(Young Mix: Yeah)

(Verse 1: Young Mix)

This is fundamental
I keep it monumental with a pencil, paper concetrator
Bursting on the continental
Ain't no rental for the instrumental
A Milli fortune runnin' governmental Inter-governmental is division business between our groups' ustensils
Advisory on parental
Usin' G-notes and G-nicsbulemic with a swag that's kerosenic
You never seen this hotter than the center of Phoenix with the noon sun beaming, steaming off the bleeding walls of my heating
Greetings to the meanings of the meetings defeating any conceited rappers adjusted to infamous leaning
Intended for rule-bending and a low attendance of the rappers who entered through groups and left independent
Cash On Deck? nope I meant A Milli
Cash terrain on hilly, hate free like Willy gettin' silly (Yeah)

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