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[Verse 1: Young Roddy]
It's hard to stay low key when you making loot nigga
I bet I speak my mind like Mom Dukes nigga
And Marl say why lie when you the truth nigga?
And now they calling me Q I got the juice
I big dog my way through make room nigga
Yeah crime pays I got proof
I'm paid for my money to the roof nigga
A hit man for hire in the booth
I tried to tell em a player was making moves nigga
What I've done for cash they don't have a clue

Once again taking wack niggas to school nigga
I run my city Roddy the king of Lou
And that's my rta I think money all day until my niggas in the bank
I pray to God they stay safe
And after every meal I pray to God they say grace you know its fuck the p.o

[Hook: Young Roddy]
And I ain't gotta boast but we the dopest on our coast
And I ain't gotta brag but baby girl I'm the man

And to make it to the top that's my plan
I'm tryna pick a cool spot to land my nigga yeah

[Verse 2: Trademark]
Money on my mind stacks up in my pockets bitches on my call log my iphones poppin
Getting money around the clock with no plans on stopping
I'm only in it to win it losings not an option
Flamingo my nigga I'm tryna ball like Rodman
Presidential status you can call me Obama
And I was guaranteed to blow just like a suicide bomber
But these lames hatin
On me like they don't wanna see me with no dollars

Niggas don't want no problems word to my brotha Roddy oh best believe we about it especially when it comes to

No lies I'm just bein honest in every line I promise to keep it real until I lay 6 feet in the field
Some niggas ain't trill and thats ill
But that ain't me Ima keep it G on my way to the T-O-P

And once I get right my whole clique gone eat
I'm stickin to the g code cus
Thats all we know


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