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Young Fade 951


About Young Fade

Young Fade is a Springfield, Illinois based rapper, who has been banging out great rhymes consistently since the age of 17, beginning his rap career by recording in his mothers basement.

He formed The Stick ‘Em Up Squad with fellow Illinois rappers Shmozilla, J Dubb and T Witt. After releasing two mixtapes consisting of the songs he recorded in his mothers basement (70+ songs), he took a break until 2007, when he re-emerged backed with better equipment and the studio Musik Monstaz.

After releasing a couple local hit singles on the radio, he decided a solo career would best for him and began recording with Shaw Productions.

From there, he would go on to release his first solo mixtape, Self Inflicted, followed by it’s sequel, Self Inflicted 2.

Currently, Young Fade is in the middle of recording the third part of this Self Inflicted trilogy, along with a collaboration album with Corle 2 Da, which is titled C'est La Vie.