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This 1 is for my town
Young T
Let's go digital
In my town

This is 4 my town
This is 4 my town
If u like ur town put ur hands up in the air
Put ur hands up in the air
If u like ur town put ur hands up in the air

Im rappin 4 my town
I ain't gonna run this town

If its all about the top then im not going down
Ain't going down(x2)

[verse 1]
If time is money i should get paid when i buy 1st watch
Times have changed go get a DIGITAL watch
If niggas on their swagg
They should neva brag
If u studied Physics and Mathematics
Than im studying Lyrics nd Punchmatics
Same old shit just a different day
Imma kill dis beat any way
If those niggas playing on rap
They should nt be staying on rap
Fake niggas wana run this town
Even the mayor has neva run this town
If im goin down imma pull ma sockz up
Then that sockie swagg is up
Hala to my COSY niggas
Niggas tryn to rap bt can't thats them louzee niggas
I was sittin at home watching DBZ
If i was paid by an alphabet i would have A-Z
I will neva give up
Y'all betta fuck up


[verse 2]

We going digital
Don't take it literal
U better go hard or go home
Rather choose Fanta than Coca cola dome
Ice cream without a cone
Is like a beef without a bone
Nigga on an electrical fense
Before you do that use ur common sense
Shawty get low
I didn't know you could do it slow
I got the key to success so wers the lock
Ima hit u wit thunderz lyk static shock
I hit em wit a Glock
Niggas run around lyk a muthafuckin flock
Kamikaze who can't fly a jet
Volleyball court with no net
George Bush in tha jungle
He might be George of tha jungle
Im ur b0ss in twitter u gotta follow me
Ima lead tha way and u follow me
Ur name is cheap it turnt ur name tag
To a muthafuckin price tag


Young T
Hala to my niggas
Rapture Ent.,
Cosy Kidz baby

This 1 is for my town
Young T
Let's go digital
In my town

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