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I hear the people talking, but they don't know who I be
I be lowkey, I be, I be lowkey
I'm chilling with two women and you know they here for me
I be lowkey, I be, I be lowkey
What I got up in my cup, is about to make me lean
I be lowkey, I be, I be lowkey
I'm posted in the cut, getting money with my team
I be lowkey, I be, I be lowkey

[Verse 1]
I be lowkey, so G, yeah it's Simmie
Loud pack, smoking, so I know you niggas hear me
Contact got a nigga feeling like he with me
All my niggas wild, put the semi to your kidney
Told that nigga chill, but I guess he didn't hear me
Now I'm in his chest, and he screaming don't kill me
Niggas gon' feel me, steeze gon' kill me
B.R. to the K and that's for realie', you feel me?


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