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[Yung Wun]
All that
I'm fed up with it
Huh uh

It's been 8 years, 5 months, 6 days, and 9 hours; I've been
In and out of studios and I'm just comin' up
What type of shit that is, on the real I've suffered enough
From niggas stealin' my songs to be locked up 36 months
It's not a front it's realer than real y'all niggas
Think I'm just rhymin' (nah dog) it's bigger than that
Just look where I'm at compared to where I was
Fuckin' wit local minded niggas -- I mean inner-city rappers
Talkin' bout platinum and just forgot about me when it was my shit they rappin'

[BZR Roayle] (Yung Wun)
I can't take it no more (can't take it no more)
I can't take it no more (no motherfuckin' more)
I can't take it no more (y'all motherfuckers betta... no more)
I (no more) can't take it no more (no motherfuckin' more... fuckin' mo fuckin' mo)

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