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I’m comin to getcha. I’m comin ta getcha
Mommy ate daddy during the sex-uh
But daddy is a willing chap he doesn’t fuss or fight
He knows what's best for him so he submits with all his might
When population density it is a getting low
It's kind of hard to get a kid to carry on the show
Because mates are rare, and we are tasty to the predacious
Our strategy is the result and yes its most audacious
And as an insect mama knows from calories she can synthesize
A great big ol’ batch of eggs but alas – no shakes and fries
Needing food, and food is scarce she just goes for the thing that’s nearest
Poor poor, poor poor, poor poor, daddy dearest
And daddy’s body goes to make those crucial eggs
The number of the brood goes up, let this be my seg-
-ue to the point that we’ll not go down like Atlantis
We're crafty little buggers, we're proud proud Praying Mantis

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