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he’s not like other rappers bragging bout their many cars and jewels. he admits that he just has one car and has no rolex

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They’re wondering how long they can keep the band together what with Pete and Carl’s tumultuous relationship.

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"I'm gone, and through the glass again" (The National – Graceless) | pending

honestly, i think it simply refers to him losing himself in alcohol again

He’s getting mental block or he’s finding it difficult to write because he’s now feeling the pressure to be even greater than his last album.

“Make it better than your last shit” refers both to his last high and also to his last album. XXX was so critically acclaimed that he’s feeling all the pressure to top that.

"'Prolly think I wrote this song for you, girl / You proll..." (Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire – Hoes I Don't Remember) | accepted

A reference to Carly Simon’s You’re so Vain

"I was a young nigga making A's at 11 / Or 12, trying to g..." (J. Cole – Forbidden Fruit) | accepted

“I was a young nigga making A’s at 11/ At 12, trying to get the taste of the heaven”

reminiscent of Eminem line from I’m Back

“I used to be my mommy’s little angel at twelve/ thirteen, I was putting shells in a gauge on a shelf”

"I'm still a choir boy in a Fenchurch tee" (Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, I Don't Need You) | accepted

Fenchurch is a UK brand of skater clothing. This is a pic of Ed wearing Fenchurch

"But least a nigga nigga rich" (A$AP Rocky – Fuckin' Problems) | rejected

people may say a lot of shit about people getting money but at the end of the day, they win because they have money and you don’t

"But one of us cats ain't playing right, I let you tell it" (The Notorious B.I.G. – I Love The Dough) | rejected

some people think this is a reference to tupac who got shot after watching a tyson fight

"Run up in the club with the ice on, me and Paisan / Scope..." (The Notorious B.I.G. – I Love The Dough) | pending

Paisan is a term italians use to address each other. It means friend or homie.

“cause the ride come with doors that be suicide” refers to suicide doors. suicide doors refer to car doors that open the opposite way.

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