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Bacon comes from pigs and “pig” is a common slur for police officers. Basically there are a lot of cops in his area of operation.

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D-O-C is abbreviated in one form as “drug of choice”. Going back to the ‘odds’ line, Lupe says drug dealing is like a lottery, because so few of them actually make it.

On top of that its highly dangerous, as it can often lead you to prison (lock and key). D-O-C is also an abbreviation for the Department of Corrections, which oversees the imprisonment of convicts.

This could also be a comment on the number of people wrongly thrown in jail. At times the DOC imprisons people on a whim, as if they were choosing names from a lottery.

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January 12th, 2014

“Cause when your POV is poverty” means if all you can look forward is poverty then “It’s like D-O-C a lottery” — then the Deck Of Cards is a lottery. Depending on what cards you get from the deck, it can be either a lock (you cannot come out of the poverty/get locked for crimes) or key (you are freed of poverty and lead a good life).

July 2nd, 2013

Also doc is the abbreviation for doctor and many poor people only believe the only way out of their situation is to hit the lottery and get rich

This parallels with how the doc department of corrections is suppose to be seen as a kind of doctor and make you citizen that can fit into society

The way that he leaves the doc’s meaning ambiguous shows how the systems initial purpose can be warped and distorted over time and depending on it’s use

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  1. He’s going Rambo — the original HAM

  2. A great series of metaphors on speed — because his fam (crew) is short on money (it’s coming in “slow”), they will not hesitate to stick you up if you wander into their neighborhood — and if you see them you will accelerate your cheap car (a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am) so fast out of fear that it will seem like an expensive sports car (a Lamborghini). He dismisses you as you speed out of his neighborhood with “Scram yo!”

  3. Note the contrast between the two cars mentioned — a Trans Am is a classic American muscle car, made in Detroit. It was a product of Pontiac motors, a subdivision of GM that was finally shuttered in 2010 (a year before this song was released). As such, it is emblematic of both Detroit’s economic failure and a certain kind of rugged masculinity. On the other hand we have a Lamborghini — high end, to be sure, but a little too desperate and showy, and made by effeminate engineers in Italy. So the fact that your car changes from a Trans-Am to a Lamborghini indicates that you will turn into an effeminate coward, speeding away as fast as you can, when you encounter Elzhi’s Detroit crew.

  4. Money from stick-ups (“blam blam”) helped Elzhi acquire enough money to upgrade from a Trans Am to a Lamborghini

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"Ripping it to pieces like a picture and a preacher" (Lupe Fiasco – Animal Pharm) | rejected

the name and reputation of the tyrants of the world will be ripped to pieces in the mouths of the mobs of the revolution in order to spread word of their evil deeds.

"If a cricket was a speaker, it's its own chicken bones on..." (Lupe Fiasco – Animal Pharm) | accepted

a cricket symbolizes silence in a way and if it doesnt let its voice heard then it is going to wither to bones because no one will listen.

"Platoons of coons stand ready for the drive-by" (Lupe Fiasco – Animal Pharm) | accepted

could be saying the “platoon of coons” are the blind people in the military that think they are fighting for a greater cause.

"Or an oyster-hoisted cow over crescent moons as it looms ..." (Lupe Fiasco – Animal Pharm) | rejected

due to the ongoing comparison of animals and humans, he could be saying that the cows are the wealthy 1 % that oversee the controlling of this country. (oyster= wealth), (cow=well fed animal) (loom in night sky=watching eyes)

this isnt a correction I just wanna say that last explanation was awesome but the line was even more awesome! really put that into perspective for me.

"I'm a mix between an atheist and a war chief" (Honors English – The Name Is...) | pending

sick son!!! we need more of your songs on here!

"But we must still pray that his colour will be cured" (Lupe Fiasco – Lamborghini Angels) | pending

could be saying that the exorcism going on here is a process that the black whole community needs to undergo and not just this one man, hence saying his color be cured in a general sense.

"When they saw me dropping shit in detail like easel" (XV – The Last Hero) | accepted

“Easel” was a crackhead in the movie “Friday” who caught the character “Smokey” taking a shit behind some bushes.

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