"Mama tell me am I wrong, is God just another cop / Waitin..." (2Pac – Blasphemy) | pending

While on Interscope he was harassed frequently by police for protesting against them in his first two albums. Most of his cases sparked up after his first album release. Songs directly referencing police were often cut such as “Runnin” which was cut down from “Running From the Police” and the initial released version had all Police references blurred out. He also had to cut other songs of his Thug Life and MATW albums that were attacks against the police and gov’t. In addition, Interscope started pulling him off of projects such as the song he did with Madonna.

"Bird" (2Pac – Blasphemy) | pending

In early Christianity, Birds were a key figure in prayers and other religious rituals. Normally the birds were blessed with fortune/offerings and “ascended to the heavens”. However, the system became corrupted when high ranking officials began manipulating the public by caging the birds and only releasing them on prayers they wished to grant themselves to keep their status of power safe from any possible righteous crusades against their wicked ways.

"This Thug Life'll be the death of me" (2Pac – Blasphemy) | pending

The Hate You Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody — which indeed it did since he was cursed at his birth being born to a family of FBI targets

"It seemed a little unimportant, when he told me I smiled" (2Pac – Blasphemy) | pending

He’s saying he didn’t know how to translate his “father’s” advice at such a young age. He doesn’t know the trials and tribulations of men. He’s only a child ignorant to the world and ways of life but he has the respect and understanding to take the advice in stride and at least appease to his father’s words by smiling back not realizing how important these words would be when he grows up and traverses the planet.

"Now rule one -- get your cash on, M.O.B" (2Pac – Blasphemy) | pending

even though most use the literal definition of money over women. Pac felt that anyone, man or woman, that devised devious schemes to bring his downfall were bitches.

"Cock-blockers, come in every color / Even blue, now this ..." (Tha Dogg Pound – What Would U Do?) | pending

Eazy-E and BG Knocc Out were also Crips.

"Lil' Style" (Tha Dogg Pound – What Would U Do?) | accepted

He was in the LBC Crew, not Tha Eastsidaz. Eastsidaz was Tray Dee and Goldie Loc. LBC Crew was C-Style, Techneic, Bad Azz and Crooked I was an honorary member along with Lil ½ Dead

"Verse One: 2Pac" (2Pac – Holla At Me) | pending

Plus remember Kkayun, Stretch died while Pac was in jail so he may have wrote it intentionally for Stretch but may have altered the lyrics to make it more ambiguous when he found out. And remember he intentionally dissed Stretch on “Against All Odds” to prove a point about who he could and couldn’t trust anymore.

"This goes out to you playa / You know...you know who you are" (2Pac – Holla At Me) | pending

I think this song is intended for James Rosemond aka Jimmy Henchman since he was the one that introduced Pac to King Tut and Haitian Jack

Nas – Book of Rhymes | pending

This song is ironic seeing how he lost his original collection of rhyme books on a subway train on his way to the studio to record for Illmatic