"Lil' Style" (Tha Dogg Pound – What Would U Do?) | accepted

He was in the LBC Crew, not Tha Eastsidaz. Eastsidaz was Tray Dee and Goldie Loc. LBC Crew was C-Style, Techneic, Bad Azz and Crooked I was an honorary member along with Lil ½ Dead

"Verse One: 2Pac" (2Pac – Holla At Me) | pending

Plus remember Kkayun, Stretch died while Pac was in jail so he may have wrote it intentionally for Stretch but may have altered the lyrics to make it more ambiguous when he found out. And remember he intentionally dissed Stretch on “Against All Odds” to prove a point about who he could and couldn’t trust anymore.

"This goes out to you playa / You know...you know who you are" (2Pac – Holla At Me) | pending

I think this song is intended for James Rosemond aka Jimmy Henchman since he was the one that introduced Pac to King Tut and Haitian Jack

Nas – Book of Rhymes | pending

This song is ironic seeing how he lost his original collection of rhyme books on a subway train on his way to the studio to record for Illmatic

"I guess livin' is prison when you live around clowns" (Nas – Book of Rhymes) | pending

Ras Kass Soul on Ice cover is him in a prison cell. Nas saying that he feels that way because he’s associated with clowns that are gassing him up telling him to go at Nas.

"Man of steel" (LL Cool J – Doin' It) | pending

euphemisms abound in this song, many children got in trouble repeating lyrics in this song in the 90’s

"Mandingo" (LL Cool J – Doin' It) | pending

but back then it was based off of the Mandinka tribe of the Mali Empire. The loose translations led to mispronunciations into Mandingo. The Mandinka were also the famous tribe depicted in the Roots series. They represented power and perseverance through suffrage. They became the de facto tribe for Black Americans to look up to during the Afrocentric movement

"Is this business personal or just Fuck Quik Day?" (DJ Quik – You'z a Ganxta) | pending

referencing Dr. Dre’s “Fuck With Dre Day(And Everybody’s Celebratin')

"Check it, thought about it, much much later / Should've k..." (InI – Grown Man Sport) | pending

this is sampling/interpolating MC Shan off of “The Bridge”

"You the reason that nigga done stopped rapping like Pac" (G-Unit – My Buddy) | pending

I hope SportsPhan is trolling. Ja Rule made numerous references to Tupac, from wearing his bandanas in the trademark Pac fashion, to working with Suge Knight, to sampling and remixing Pac songs and calling himself the next Pac and saying that Pac would want to ride with him if he were still alive. It got to a point where Eminem purchased all the rights to Pac’s posthumous work and some of his masters and wouldn’t let Murder Inc. use them anymore.