"I perform like Mike / Anyone -- Tyson, Jordan, Jackson" (Diddy – Victory) | pending

yes we know Jay-Z bites Biggie, nothing new here, been doing it since Vol. 1.

"Frankie baby," (Diddy – Victory) | pending

This same line was used in “Ten Crack Commandments”

"Break it down, split it up, get your laugh on" (Diddy – Victory) | accepted

it doesnt have to be weed though in your first meaning, it could be any type of drugs. Get a big enough shipment and you could parse off chunks from a wholesale purchase, cut the product, then serve it up in a big enough distribution network.

"I'mma get my stash on / There's a bed full of money that ..." (Diddy – Victory) | pending

man everytime I hear this, I always took it the way as Puffy acting an ass on the bed(like jumping into the pile of money and dancing in it). I guess I could never be persuaded by his demeanor into explicit sexual references.

"Plastic" (Diddy – Victory) | pending

Plastic has a double meaning, he says he’s gonna live it up until the cash is gone but then turns around and says that he only works with plastic: credit cards and then flips it to explain it for CD’s as well

"Matty broke the neck of your coke connect" (Diddy – Victory) | pending

I agree with Jshepp but I think bigpops is right. Matteo started the “Unsigned Hype” feature in The Source and he helped introduced BIG to Puff.

"Niggas know I was wrapped too tight from the start" (50 Cent – Gatman and Robbin) | pending

Judging from the next line, he’s likely saying that he was crazy when it comes to making a name for himself. Wrapped up alluding to how asylum inmates are wrapped in straight jackets.

"It's almost like we're kinda like Siamese twins / Cause w..." (50 Cent – Gatman and Robbin) | pending

Yeah but he’s saying that no matter what conflict one of them gets in, the other will be there to ride with him every time.

"I wanna take you to the movies, and the park / Let's find..." (2Pac – Temptations) | pending

Sounds like a subtle reference to the Blackbyrds “Rock Creek Park”.

“Doin it in the park, doin it after dark
Oh yeah, in Rock Creek park, oh yeah, in Rock Creek Park”

"Yo this how we gonna do this in the nine-trey y'know?" (2Pac – Temptations) | pending

Album got pushed back at least twice when he served time for assaulting the Hughes Brothers and then the sexual assault case which led to the eventual drop from Interscope(as well as having songs pulled and shelved and next to no promotion)

This was around the time he was working with Biggie. Moe Bee was still on The Hitman production team at this point.