"Ludicrous" (Young Buck – Stomp) | pending

And also, T.I. requested for the song to be removed when he heard that Young Buck let Ludacris record a reply diss on the same song in the next verse.

"I be hitting the J so hard I hurl" (Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Remix)) | pending

he inhales too much smoke and his body triggers gag reflex because of how clogged his main windpipe is after the first exhale

"Back to get my O on, they let me flow on / The thirty-fiv..." (Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Remix)) | pending

O — for Oakland

“Fetti-Five” — Fetti is Bay Area slang for money

"New York appeal, in L.A. they gang bang" (LL Cool J – I Shot Ya (remix)) | pending

he saying LA is good at fighting in the streets because they can’t handle battles on wax

DMX – I Shot Ya Freestyle (2Pac Diss) | pending

sure he’ll say that now, but he clearly had a motive when he stepped to the mic. The shooting, Baltimore, West Coast beef. Also over the “I Shot Ya” beat. He likely withheld true intentions out of respect and to keep good taste.

"Let me holla at you yo the Baltimore shit" (DMX – I Shot Ya Freestyle (2Pac Diss)) | accepted

He’s talking about how Tupac spent time in the Baltimore School For the Arts before he became “Tupac” in the industry.

"See the wounds in my skin they from a war of course / You..." (DJ Kay Slay – 50 Shot Ya) | accepted

C-N-N is referencing Capone-N-Noreaga, another group from Queens, that hit big with their debut album The War Report in 1997 as they used the the News Station entendre too.

"You dirty niggas y'all too whack to dance / Y'all need to..." (DJ Quik – Pitch In Ona Party) | pending

talking bout bangers in Cali who typically wear slim fit and starched up Lee’s and Dickies, this was the era when Quik gave up reppin sets after all the fallout of the MC Eiht beef and was more about making feel good records

"It don't matter cuz I'm underground anyway" (DJ Quik – Pitch In Ona Party) | pending

well he did get dropped from Arista after this album so his desire to be creatively free and not chase record sales did keep him underground from the casual fan/consumer.

"Y'all done fucked up / Get out, get on / Speed up nigga /..." (DJ Quik – Pitch In Ona Party) | pending

of course not without paying first