"My only hope to survive if I wish to stay alive / Getting..." (2Pac – How Do U Want It) | pending

He’s saying, all the paradoxical problems he has to deal with, a sane man couldn’t conquer in a given lifetime. Being sober would drive him to suicide so it’s better to have out of body experiences while trying to overcome the persistent issues because of his genetics or where he was born and who he is/believes in.

"I’m with a clique that’s quick to whip that fuckin steel out" (2Pac – How Do U Want It) | pending

I believe some of the Outlawz, like Hussein, Kadafi, Kastro, were gang affiliated in New Jersey too. But he simply is saying he has ruthless shooters on his team

"I'll probably be a freak / And let you get on top of me," (2Pac – How Do U Want It) | pending

Well, the problem he is highlighting is how women/golddiggers like to trap men with unplanned pregnancies. If Pac is in a dominant position like missionary or doggystyle, it is easy for him to escape intercourse but if he is in cowgirl, he’s the submissive role and cant escape without forceful action and thus taking risks ergo being “freaky”

"Positions on the floor it's like erotic, ironic / Because..." (2Pac – How Do U Want It) | pending

Tupac must’ve been in some of those Reggae Dancehalls

"Your body is banging baby I love it when you flaunt it / ..." (2Pac – How Do U Want It) | pending

no it’s not one phrase, daddy is referring to himself, n*gga is the female

"Doing eighty on the freeway, police catch me if you can" (2Pac – How Do U Want It) | pending

it’s not that he’s speeding, this is likely just an extra diss to the police for the Atlanta shooting and for the increased harassment he started receiving after he released his first album.

"Body talking shit to me but I can't comprehend the meaning" (2Pac – How Do U Want It) | pending

she’s sending mixed signals, being highly provocative but as you see in the second verse, resistant to going all the way.

"[Hook: KC and JoJo]" (2Pac – How Do U Want It) | pending

the demo version had Pac singing the hook himself(he still does this on the final outro hook) and Pac didn’t know K-Ci and Jo-Jo were in the studio working(DeVante was helping produce the album plus K-Ci and Jo-Jo ended up recording other songs with Pac such as Playa Cardz Right) and both parties were mutually interested in testing a hook w/ Jodeci and thus it led to Danny Boy being skipped over completely for this song before even getting any demos in.

2Pac – How Do U Want It | pending

@gluon — this is the original album cut, the single had altered lyrics to create more radio appeal and avoid backlash from Federal Powers, the first 6 lines of the third verse are the same, but he changes the rest to be more focused on the chasing women theme

"Cuz things get shady where the grass is greener" (Warren G – So Many Ways) | pending

this seems like a play of the saying, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, implying that trying to be or have something you aren’t capable of will lead to trouble.

Shady is another way to say suspicious. And look at the next lines, he talks about being caught around fake gangsters trying to rep sets that he has to act upon.