"But I ain't tryin' to beef, I'm just tryin to eat / Horiz..." (Lil Kim – Big Momma Thang) | pending

He doesn’t want to steal her permanently or fight over her, he just wants to have some NSA sex(horizontally eat implies oral sex, e.g. 69ing)

"You jump ship / Leave who you wit', I'm with the Roc-A-Fe..." (Lil Kim – Big Momma Thang) | pending

Also implying how he’ll pimp her into one of the many hoes he describes in “Who You Wit”

"I took the bullets outta 50 put 'em in my fo'-five" (50 Cent – Hate it or Love It (Remix)) | pending

a slight twist on Napoleon’s line from “Life of an Outlaw”: “Hey Makaveli, give them the bullets that was left in your belly and let me bust back on them niggas till they old and smelly”

"Ain't never had much but a Walkman and a bud" (50 Cent – Hate it or Love It (Remix)) | pending

bud could also mean ear bud as in headphones

"And I'm rap's MVP" (50 Cent – Hate it or Love It (Remix)) | pending

also used by Big Daddy Kane and Big L previously: “If rap was a game I’d be M-V-P, the Most Valuable Poet on the M-I-C”

"I'm tryna keep it professional / Cause all this tongue ru..." (T.I. – Rubber Band Man) | pending

he says “tongue wrasslin” not “rustlin”

"And the M.I.A. nigga" (T.I. – Rubber Band Man) | pending

pretty sure he says “Down in the MIA n——”. Cant recall any beef between Ross and TI this early. He had problems with Lil Flip and Ludacris at this point

"Chorus" (Lil'Troy – Wanna Be A Baller) | pending

I cant verify ESG ghostwriting the hook but I recall him having a song where he used the first two lines of the hook already

"Twenty Lorenzo" (Lil'Troy – Wanna Be A Baller) | pending

These are an example of Lorenzo’s

"Hittin, my remote, sittin, in my shit" (Lil'Troy – Wanna Be A Baller) | pending

he cant fit out hydraulics on a Mercedes like that, he likely means hittin the remote to drop his top down