"Wait, stop, drop it in, roll over / Is what I told her," (Pro Era – THE PE CYPHER (PT 1 & 2)) | accepted

This is what you’re supposed to do when you’re on fire. Joey may also be relating it to having sex with a girl.

"Shook, you're scared to death, you're scared to look / In..." (TDE – BET Cypher 2013) | rejected

May be a reference to checkers. When a piece gets to the other side or “near” the other competitor, it gets “king”-ed.

"Got these bitches lip-locking, britches soggy on the couc..." (Mellow High – Look) | pending

Pretty sure the second line is unrelated to the first. He’s just saying he’s talking shit, getting money, and killing niggas.

“Watch him count the bodies like bitches be counting calories”

Mellow High – Look | pending

Shoutout to whoever created this page for copying the lyrics that I transcribed.

"It's funny, fuckin' with these rhymes over time'll turn y..." (Dizzy Wright – Maintain) | pending

Play on words as “rhymes” have to do with phonetics, hence “phony”.

"I am not the star? In fact I'm Planet R / Fuck what the m..." (Joey BADA$$ – Killuminati Pt. 2) | pending

I think Planet R is a Final Fantasy reference. I’m not an FF fan tho so I’m not sure how it connects.

Joey BADA$$ – Killuminati Pt. 2 | pending

@UserX Sure thing, brah. I’m on the phone with Joey right now.

"It's a bunch of nuggets on him like it's sand on a beach ..." (Captain Murphy – Between Villains) | accepted

lol the line has nothing to do with weed sticking to him. he just always has a lot on him now that he gets it cheap.

Earl Sweatshirt – Burgundy | accepted

The carpet was only called burgandy on those EARL tracks because it was soaked/stained with blood.

Earl Sweatshirt – Hive | accepted

Vince Staples is on the hook. Stop changing it to only Earl and Casey